Hello, world :)

I’m Éléonore! I’m currently a freelance developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve worked with web technologies and data science/engineering mainly using Clojure, Python, Javascript, HTML and CSS.

I’ve considered creating a blog for years always finding reasons (mostly lack of time) for why I wouldn’t be able to sustain it with posts. But suddenly this week it made so much sense! Even if no one reads it, I now feel like a blog will be super useful for me to keep track of the things I learn over time.

I’ve actually written quite a few blog posts at my previous job where we had an internal blog to keep track of technical and business decisions and progress. And I ended up enjoying writing! The best part being when your post helps someone understand a process or problem. But memory can be faulty and having a record of previous trials and errors definitely saves time!

I have quite a few notes here and there than would be good material for the type of posts I want to write. I also plan to document the next things I’ll learn.

The themes I have in mind are: programming languages I know/learn (core functions and libraries), Linux stuffs I learn (well, Ubuntu mostly), projects I work on (sharing my experience and what went wrong), geo-related things (creating maps using open source software, contributing to humanitarian mapping) and maybe exploring (digital) art.

Disclaimer: I’m not a native English speaker so you might have to suffer terrible grammatical errors (hopefully not spelling ones except for the odd typo).